Photography Coaching

Have you ever wanted to improve your photography and take it to the next level? Do you want to know the difference between the shutter speed and ISO speed is or how they impact your picture? 

Now you can receive virtual coaching.  I am offering this coaching to help you step up your game.  I will personally share  my experience with you as well as my knowledge that I have gained over the years of photographing World Series to Little League games. 

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

Camera Settings

We will cover topics that include:

   - Manual Mode

   - Aperture/F-stop

   - Shutter

   - ISO Speed

   - White Balance

Untitled photo

Post Process Work Flow

   - Photo Mechanic

   - Lightroom

   - Photoshop

   - ShutterSnitch

   - Folder Setup

   - FTPing

Little Caesars Arena - Belden. Photo: Tim Fuller


   - Camera

   - Lenses

   - Remotes

   - Laptops/iPads

   - Other


   - Website

   - Gallery

   - Social Media


   - WordPress

   - SmugMug

Need help setting up a website or want an an opportunity to review your work with an expert?  Check out our other

services above.  Be sure to contact us for more information.

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